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A complete range of accountancy services is offered by SVconsulting:
1. Complete accountancy and taxation services

     1.1 Managing primary documents
     1.2 Updating accounts registers and tax records
     1.3 Preparing and submitting employee records
     1.4 Salary calculation
     1.5 Calculating and preparing commission payments
     1.6 Settling outstanding bills from contractors
     1.7 Preparing And submitting tax declarations to the tax inspection
     1.8 Overseeing tax records held at the tax inspection
     1.9 Tax consulting
     1.10 Composing management reports

2. Preparation and submission of accounts

     2.1 Preparing and submitting blank tax returns
     2.2 Preparing and submitting personal accounts
     2.3 Preparation and submission of income tax returns
     2.4 Preparing and submitting all types of tax returns based on the documents provided by clients
     2.5 Checking and submitting accounts and tax returns pre-prepared by clients

3. Control and monitoring of your accounts in the tax inspection will enable you to

     3.1 Check the accuracy of payments and tax declarations
     3.2 Receive the most up to date information regarding tax issues
     3.3 Resolving budget issues and submitting accounts in a timely manner

4. The restoration of book keeping involves making sure accounts conform with the current tax legislation

     4.1 Calculating the state of accounts and tax declarations
     4.2 Calculating the tax account balance with the budget
     4.3 Drafting a plan to ensure book keeping procedures fall within the current tax framework
     4.4 Restoration of book keeping, forming of registers, preparing and submitting accounts

5. Organizing accounts and tax declarations involves:

     5.1 Understanding the companys sphere of business
     5.2 Choosing the optimum tax structure
     5.3 Understanding the structure of an organization, the roles of its employees and its labour contracts
     5.4 Identifying personnel needs in accounts department and assistance in recruiting suitable candidates for these positions
     5.5 Setting up/developing management report systems
     5.6 Help in choosing the appropriate software

6. Tax planning and optimization
Tax planning aims at minimizing your tax payments and involves:

     6.1 Analysis of financial indices in different systems of taxation
     6.2 Evaluating future tax implications for your business
     6.3 Preparing budgets
     6.4 Calculating tax obligations in advance and providing pre-tax payment advice

7.Managing of company accounts
Managing bank accounts in part or in full with complete trust and peace of mind

     7.1 Managing internet banking systems
     7.2 Managing currency control regulations (submitting official documents)
     7.3 Keeping records of currency transactions


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