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SVconsulting offers services in the following areas
1. Economic law

     1.1 Legal consulting of business activities
     1.2 Drafting civil law agreements
     1.3 Analysis of company documents and contracts
     1.4 Representing client’s interests during meetings and negotiations
     1.5 Written reports detailing recommendations following initial consultations

2. Currency regulations and administrative law

     2.1 Advice and recommendations concerning currency control issues
     2.2 Advice and recommendations concerning administrative offences
     2.3 1Representation of client’s interests in the event of conflict with currency control or other state organs

3. Tax Law

     3.1 Tax consulting
     3.2 Preparation and analysis of documents and decisions of tax bodies
     3.3 Representation of client’s interests during tax appeals
     3.4 Ensuring and protecting the rights of tax payers during the course of tax checks
     3.5 Representing clients during tax appeals
     3.6 Tax rebate issues
     3.7 Tax planning and optimizing tax payments
     3.8 Providing detailed recommendations in written form following consultations

4. Arbitration disputes

     4.1 Representing clients interests in legal disputes with other organizations and state bodies
     4.2 Main areas of disputes arise in the following areas:
         -Dissolving contracts
         -Recovering the ownership of real estate which has been acquired illegally
         -Recovering debts
         -Recovering losses in connection with the violation of contractual clauses
         -Declaring deals invalid
         -Violation of the owner’s rights
         -Challenging tax decisions and issues regarding VAT Value Added Tax
         -Shareholder disputes
         -Disputing shareholder decisions
         -Restoring shareholders
     4.3 The difficult and intricacy of arbitration makes it unlikely that the decision will be solved in your favour without turning to the services of professional lawyers. Our lawyers have a great deal of success in arbitration disputes and will prepare a statement of claim and the necessary proof to convincingly state and defend your position in the course of legal proceedings. The set of representation services in arbitration involves:
         -Case study materials
         -Collecting and formulation of evidence
         -Study of similar arbitration cases
         -Preparation of a statement of claim, applications, testimonials, complaints and other necessary documents
         -Representing the client’s interests in court
         -Obtaining court rulings
         -Representing the client’s interests in the service of bailiffs

5. Servicing subscribed enterprises

     5.1 In the process of work, clients encounter all kinds of problems which require professional legal representation. The problems could involve responding to state bodies (including the tax office) and knowing how to make the right decision is not always easy to do. Consequently, companies need either a strong in-house legal team or the services of a law company. The main advantages of turning to the services of a law company are:
         -Tried and tested legal methods and procedures when dealing with state bodies
         -A team of lawyers specialized in different branches of law, criminal, taxation, civil, land and labour, ensuring a comprehensive
          approach to problem solving in business.
         -Up to date knowledge of changes to the legal code allows us to keep the client well informed in a timely manner and
          provide recommendations when necessary.
     5.2 We provide all manner of legal services which are connected to and complement your business.
The following services are available:
         -One off consultations
         -Providing written reports concerning a company’s interests
         -Drafting a package of standard documents (deeds, contracts, etc) connected to your area of business and instructions for your
          employees about using them in their work with your clients and partners
         -Preparing documents for non-standard situations
         -Engaging in business meetings with your clients
         -Drafting internal documents for working with personnel (labour contracts, staff lists, office regulations, etc)
         -Working out internal corporate documents regarding rules and regulations about the board of director’s,
         -Providing a comprehensive set of legal documents needed to work in the Russian Federation
         -Ensuring the compliance with anti monopoly and joint stock laws, preparing and submitting documents to the federal
          anti-monopoly organization, quarterly reports, important facts and events, lists of affiliated persons, etc.